In this section we cover the `WHY` behind the Book of DevRev


Welcome to the Book of DevRev!

This is a community driven project to help consolidate the knowledge of those building, operating, supporting and growing companies, products and services.

Let’s face it, starting a company is daunting, building a product is even more difficult, and producing something that people actually like may seem near impossible. Nevertheless, we have been (and are currently) going through these journeys, which brings me to the purpose of this document:

This document is built to be a collaborative source of knowledge, enabling everyone to learn from the learnings of everyone so that they may do better and build a better company and product.

While Devrev is a company, and we do produce a product, DevRev is more than anything an idea of how to build better products and hence better companies (irrespective of using product or not). Traditionally people safeguard knowledge as they see it as a competitive advantage; however, at DevRev and our previous companies, we’ve embraced sharing knowledge and believe doing so is powerful and forces you to keep innovating.

What this will be:

  • Open and collaborative (while I enjoy writing, you all have a wealth of knowledge to contribute)
  • Informational from past experiences

We will cover foundational items like:

  • Company building
  • How do I handle funding?
  • How should I structure my equity?
  • How to choose the first hires?
  • What systems do I need to get started?
  • How to manage vendor selection
  • Product building
    • How to iterate on product ideation
    • How to design an object model
    • How to design APIs
  • And many more!

What this will NOT be:

  • Focused on the DevRev product
  • Marketing fluff

As things evolve, so must we; let’s build something better together!