Focusing on operational aspects of people, products and companies.

The Operate quadrant is where the product is made available to some target market (internal or external), is monitored, and must be operational. During this stage, companies may focus on creating some awareness of the product and building brand recognition. They need to identify the most effective marketing channels to reach their target audience and create a compelling message that resonates with them.

When anything bad happens, the team must work to restore services back to normal. These disruptions are commonly referred to as incidents. An incident is any event that has a potential customer impact. This could include things like service outages, performance problems, or anything else impacting the customer (internal or external).

Typically incidents will have a notion of ‘impact,’ which is used to determine the effect of the problem. These could range from minor items that are transparent, to issues with workarounds, to total service outage.

20 April 2023

This article explores the four main phases of the DevRev lifecycle - build, operate, support, and grow - and highlights the key considerations for each stage.