Focusing on support aspects of people, products and companies.

The Support quadrant is where companies provide ongoing maintenance and support for the product. This involves addressing any technical issues customers may have, troubleshooting any problems, and escalating certain items development (some may kickoff the Build quadrant to resolve a bug/defect or to provide new functionality).

Support is where you’re working with your customers/consumers and helping them if need be. This is one of the most important aspects of any company, as you can fix a bad product with good support, but not vice-versa. When talking about support, this doesn’t just mean support agents. Support is more of a theme where everyone from Sales to PM to Support needs to work together in a coordinated manner to help the customer.

20 April 2023

This article explores the four main phases of the DevRev lifecycle - build, operate, support, and grow - and highlights the key considerations for each stage.

20 April 2023

This post discusses the problems with traditional support methods and the necessity of a new cross-functional approach embracing chat and AI.

20 April 2023

This post discusses some of the new abilities that ChatGPT and other LLMs provide for support use-cases with some potential risks and how to leverage them.

11 June 2023

This post discusses why providing poor support or customer service may be the leading cause of customer churn.

25 September 2023

This post discusses the DevRev Nudges feature, how to configure it, and how to leverage it to help drive customer engagement.

25 October 2023

This post discusses the DevRev PLuG Session Replay feature, how it works, and an example of it in action

01 September 2023

This post discusses when to use each work type in the DevRev platform. Commonly tickets and issues are distributed across systems; however, with DevRev these all exist in one platform. This post defines each as well as when each should be used.

20 April 2023

This post discusses the role of a support lead and the common pain points and KPIs

20 April 2023

This post describes a support engineer's pain points and KPIs that are useful for tracking performance.