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01 May 2024

This post is part of a series focusing on the performance challenges, findings, and evolutions we discover as we build and scale our platform. This post highlights some tuning specific to MongoDB, some experiments, and their corresponding results.

11 March 2024

This post is a deep dive into our vector database and the algorithm choices.

10 March 2024

This post talks about the implicit semantic contracts between services and APIs that aren't as apparent as the explicit data contracts when broken. It discusses a method to deploy such contract changes safely.

22 February 2024

This post talks about how we built semantic search at DevRev using techniques like vector databases, encoders, leveraging generative AI models, and some of our considerations.

09 February 2024

In this post we cover why velocity is extremely critical in this time of rapid innovation in AI technologies

05 February 2024

In this post, we cover the decisions and implementation on how we built our platform and company to fully leverage AI and provide us flexibility in the future