No Legacy, No Limits - The DevRev Blueprint for a Tech Utopia

In this post, we cover the decisions and implementation on how we built our platform and company to fully leverage AI and provide us flexibility in the future

No Legacy, No Limits - The DevRev Blueprint for a Tech Utopia

At the heart of every ambitious venture lies the power of inception, a moment where the slate is blank, and the possibilities are boundless. When we embarked on the journey with DevRev, we weren’t just founding another company; we were setting the stage for a revolution in how technology aligns with business needs. Our approach wasn’t just about starting fresh; it was about leveraging this unique position to outpace, outsmart, and outperform.

To learn more about our considerations, learn more here: From Foundations to AI Frontiers - A Guide to Modern System Architecture

Here’s a look into our blueprint for success, both now and in the future.

Embracing the New Without the Clutter of the Old

Starting with a blank slate, DevRev was positioned in a unique spot unlike our previous ventures, where legacy systems, many of which were built 15+ years ago, often felt like dragging an anchor. We saw the drag of these systems and the impacts on the business and needed to break free. This freedom allowed us to cherry-pick the latest and greatest technologies, devoid of legacy components or dependencies. Imagine the agility of a startup coupled with the firepower of the most advanced tech - that’s us, flexible and unburdened, ready to do things the right way from day one.

Achieving our ambitious goals required a well-thought-out strategy that embraced the full spectrum of modern technology.

The Blueprint for Innovation

Fully Cloud-Native/Serverless Ecosystem:

By going 100% k8s for non-IaaS/PaaS services and extensively leveraging lambdas, functions, and Fastly Edge Compute, we built a foundation that’s not just in the cloud but of the cloud.

This enables us to:

  • have full portability given k8s abstractions
  • native scalability, high-availability and limitless flexibility
  • leverage the right tool for the right job.
  • no VMs, no stateful assumptions, no legacy BS.

Why you should care:

  • allows us to scale and ensure high availability
  • allows us to keep cost overheads down and efficient, translating to cost benefits to you

Microservices All the Way Down:

Our architecture eschews inter-service dependencies for interface-based interactions, ensuring flexibility and compatibility without the mess of VMs or dated components.

This enables us to:

  • allow service teams to iterate independently, and quickly
  • maintains portability and modularity compared to monolithic systems
  • assures developers can feel confident about service contracts

Why you should care:

  • tech moves fast, we are keeping pace or moving faster

Written With Best of Breed Modern Languages:

Our backend is written using the latest languages which are significant evolutions from those of late. By leveraging languages like GoLang, Rust, and JS/React, we are built on the latest languages which offer the best extensibility, performance, and reliability.

When comparing this to others written in Ruby on Rails, or Java (yikes), they will be severely limited in this decision.

This enables us to:

  • take advantage of all of the efficiencies and evolutions of the latest languages
  • mitigate the potential of lack of support and dependencies

Modern Data Platforms at the Core:

By sidestepping traditional relational databases for Document DBs, Vector DBs, BigQuery, DuckDB, and Kafka, we’ve crafted a data handling architecture that’s as innovative as it is efficient.

This enables us to keep up with the demands of an ever-growing amount of data and provide insights with the best possible performance. Business moves fast, your insights influencing your decisions need to move faster.

This enables us to:

  • leverage vector DBs to be leveraged for retrieval augmented generation (RAG) based on similarity and locality
  • keep object overheads minimal by keeping optional or unset items out of the stored object
  • have much greater flexibility for customization compared to relational databases

Lifecycles on Autopilot, driving velocity

With tools like GitHub, CircleCI, Terraform and ArgoCD at the helm, our deployment and configurations are 100% code-driven, ensuring that every aspect of our operation is as automated as it is error-proof (well, it is impossible to be fully error-proof).

This enables us to:

  • deploy updates 10-100s of times a day
  • programmatically validate deployments and promotions through the use of automated testing and promotion gates
  • deploy confidently

Why is velocity important? Just look at the rate of innovation in technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to keep up or lead, speed and velocity and crucial.

Here’s a great article on the velocity of AI: The brief history of artificial intelligence: The world has changed fast – what might be next?

Designed for Extendibility:

From customizable objects to auto-generated code through Archetype, we’ve built a system that not only welcomes change but thrives on it. With our Marketplace we’ve built an area where not only ourselves, by any developer, can expand the platform through templates, workflows, or customization delivered via Snapins

Scaling the Unscalable:

Our architecture is a fortress, built with native multi-tenancy, granular authorization, and modern languages like GoLang, Rust, and WASM, ensuring scalability and high-availability are in our DNA.

A Fortress from the First Line of Code:

Security isn’t an afterthought; it’s woven into the fabric of our ecosystem, with measures like mTLS between services setting a new standard for safety. We built multi-tenancy and authorization (AuthZ) in all objects from the beginning. With the use of automated vulnerability scanning, pen testing, and external risk assessment, you can rest assured your data is safe with us.

This enables us to:

  • minimize costs and overheads by not requiring physical or duplicate environments to ensure tenancy
  • mitigate the potential for data leakage
  • leverage vulnerability scanning and threat assessment into the development cycle
  • have best-of-breed authorization offering the highest quality of control and protection

With that said, a core tenet of security is paranoia, and rest assured we are always paranoid here

Phreaking and hacking was what got me into computers, so this is near and dear to myself.

So What?

As a customer or prospect of DevRev, three pivotal aspects of our platform stand out, designed with your success and future growth in mind:

  1. Leading-edge Technology for Unmatched Agility: At DevRev, we’ve started from scratch, specifically to harness the latest advancements in technology, free from the constraints of outdated systems. This means you’re engaging with a platform that’s at the forefront of innovation, built to adapt and thrive amid the rapid evolution of tech. Our use of cloud-native/serverless architectures, microservices, and modern programming languages ensures you’re getting a solution that’s not just robust and reliable but also flexible and scalable to meet your future needs.

  2. Optimized Efficiency for Cost Savings: We’ve meticulously designed our infrastructure to maximize operational efficiency, translating into significant cost benefits for you. By leveraging a fully cloud-native and serverless ecosystem, alongside modern data platforms and development methodologies, we reduce overheads and improve performance. This efficiency doesn’t just lower your costs; it also means we can swiftly adapt and scale our services to support your business as it grows and changes, ensuring you always have the cutting-edge solutions you need without unnecessary expense.

  3. Uncompromising Security and Scalability: Security and scalability are not afterthoughts at DevRev; they’re core to our architecture from the ground up. We’ve integrated advanced security measures, including mTLS between services and comprehensive vulnerability scanning, to protect your data at every layer. Moreover, our platform is built to handle massive scale, using modern languages and architectures that ensure we can grow with you, no matter how big your ambitions. This commitment means you can trust in the safety of your data and rely on a platform that’s ready to expand as your business does.

At DevRev, our mission is to empower your business with a platform that’s not just prepared for the future but actively shaping it. With our revolutionary approach to technology, efficiency, and security, we’re not just offering a service; we’re offering a partnership in navigating the digital landscape with confidence and agility. Welcome to a new era of business technology solutions, where your success is our blueprint.


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