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24 July 2023

This post discusses some of the ways DevRev was built for AI and some potential challenges others will have

20 April 2023

This post discusses some of the challenges companies traditionally face throughout the product lifecycle and how this lead to the creation of DevRev to fix these problems.

20 April 2023

This article explores the four main phases of the DevRev lifecycle - build, operate, support, and grow - and highlights the key considerations for each stage.

11 June 2023

In this post we cover why, and how, you need to embrace selling solutions instead of products.

20 April 2023

This post discusses an approach for how to think about product structure and definition.

20 April 2023

Throughout my career I've experienced a lot of good and bad examples of how things should work. In this article, we talk about some of the disadvantages of silos and why they should be broken down.

07 July 2023

The ability to present ideas and convey knowledge is an essential skill that everyone should possess. This post aims to provide tips and lessons learned to help individuals become better presenters, covering four key areas: fundamentals, content, demos, and scenarios.

11 July 2023

This post discusses how to apply general presentation best practices in various environments, such as 1:1 demos, 1:few demos, 1:many demos, and keynote demos.

07 July 2023

This post goes over the critical role of product demos and best practices for delivering an awesome demo.

07 August 2023

This post discusses some background and tips for equity, personal finance and estate planning

25 September 2023

This post discusses the DevRev Nudges feature, how to configure it, and how to leverage it to help drive customer engagement.

25 October 2023

This post discusses the DevRev PLuG Session Replay feature, how it works, and an example of it in action

07 September 2023

This post talks about some of the problems with metric tracking and how to avoid them

20 April 2023

This post covers some methods which can be used to help combat silos in your business.

29 June 2023

This post discusses the transition and configuration with Google Analytics (GA4) and Google Tag Manager (GTM)